There exists a wide spread prejudice about philosophy, curiously promoted by some philosophers themselves, and that is that philosophy has no practical value. This prejudice is false.
Philosophy is the desire and courage to think big thoughts, to reach out for an understanding of the whole and all its parts. Philosophy is about scope and method of thinking, and it aims to produce understanding in the broadest sense.
Philosophy questions both assumptions and conclusions, and is the surest way to establishing a critical understanding of both the universe as a whole and our immediate surroundings.

A critical understanding involves knowing something about the nature of what you know, i.e. understanding the limits of your knowledge. It teaches you not to rely on falsehoods, and not to trust unexamined opinions. Such an understanding is crucial in your ability to interact with others, plan your affairs and achieve your goals.
We each have to make our own way in life, to do so requires an independent mind.
This philosophy VISH-style we can call Vilosophy.

In Vilosophy we use the mind to overcome the traps of thinking.
One of the traditional obstacles to understanding is the tendency to think in terms of limitation and separation. Quantum physics has shown us that many kinds of separation are not really real. Observer and observed influence each other in ways that questions the notion of objectivity, certain events separated in space can not really be considered distinct.
Systems Thinking, and a conglomerate of models we refer to as Chaos Theory, are effective conceptual tools we need to explore our complex reality and develop models and strategies that work for us (and not against).